Why Choose Derwick Associates?

In 2009, Derwick Associates expanded their company to full-scale operation of energy power plants. Since then they have overseen the design, build and operation of more turnkey plants than their competition.

Derwick Associates VenezuelaDerwick Associates is one of the biggest and fastest growing energy companies in Venezuela and is made up of a team of motivated professionals who strive to ensure their customers are completely satisfied.

They pride themselves on their speed, professionalism and that the needs of the clients are their top priority. Once they take on a client, they work extremely closely with them from start to finish making sure that everything is completed to the highest standard.

One of Derwick Associates core foundation is to understand how developing countries work, which gives them the edge over their competitors. This ensures they are able to get the job done fast in an environment that may prove difficult for others.

Not only do they work closely with their clients, but they also impart their knowledge and experience, as well as their technology and expertise. This creates strong local teams and jobs done to exceptional standards.

Derwick is comprised of a team of expert project managers, who have years of experience between them. The company is flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

This highly skilled team has overseen the design, build and operation of 12 power plants, with a total capacity of 1,462 MW. All of these were completed and brought online in record time using start of the art technology and supply chain logistics.


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