Derwick Associates Embarking On Green Campaign

–>One of the top energy providers in Venezuela, Derwick Associates has this week announced that they pledge to become a much greener company. They have spoken about their desire to ensure that they are part of a movement which promotes social and environmental positivity.

Currently there is an energy crisis in Venezuela, and Derwick are one of the companies trying to help with that. They specialise in procuring, building, installing and maintaining power plants through Venezuela, but they pride themselves in being a flexible and adaptive business which is constantly assessing the environmental impact their company is making on the world. Although they are currently successfully helping with the energy crisis, they are aware that their thermo electric powerplants create emissions.So, as a social conscious company, they are doing all they can to try to counteract these emissions.

Being a forward thinking company, they have promised to take responsibility in every action they make, and in turn helping with their environmental and social conscience. So, this is why they have begun to dedicate not only money, but their time to get involved with social projects. These include things such as reforestation campaigns to help with the rebuilding of forests. They also sponsor and attend ecological events, which promote leaving a positive footprint on the world.

CEO of Derwick Associates, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

spoke about the green campaign, “We’re aware that as an energy company, we will be producing some negative emissions with our thermo electric plants. As these are necessary to provide the energy the company needs, we knew that we needed to do something to balance the emissions we produce.

We are dedicated to becoming as environmentally friendly as possible, so this is why we participate in things such as the reforestation campaigns and other social projects. Here at Derwick, we strive to be a company who has a positive outlook in helping those around us, especially our local communities and our young people.”

Derwick are always searching for new green and environmentally friendly projects that they can help with either time or sponsorship. They also are dedicated to implementing ecological ideas and changes to improve their business for the better.


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